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The newest direct marketing company, Pink Zebra, is dedicated to making your environment as fresh and sweet-smelling as possible using a wide array of scents. The founders from the company are already successful in network marketing for upwards of Two decades. Pink Zebra gives industry 35 unique scents through products such as candles, re-seal-able Reed Diffusers and their patent-pending Sprinkles.


Their candles, proudly built in the united states, really are a combination of soy and paraffin wax to lose cleaner without loss in fragrance. The business distributes its products through home parties where the hostess receives 25% of the total sales of her party in products of her choice.

pink zebra scam

Pink Zebra has chosen to donate per day of daycare for every party that raises $500 or more as their method of giving to the city.

In order to become a part of this dynamic business opportunity, you've got a range of a $99 or $199 core kit that includes a website, product samples and training.

Consultants at Pink Zebra are given immediate commissions of 25% of party, website and fundraising sales. Being a monthly bonus, consultants receive 10% of total sales. Other incentives include awards, trips, cash prizes as well as other items for income well done.

If you'd prefer scented candles and other products that add beautiful, aromatic fragrance in your environment and you also enjoy presenting they to other people, this company is an ideal way to make part-time, extra money for extras such as vacations and other items too costly to your present budget. You may even choose to make a change of career and make ecommerce model your sole income source.

Whatever your purpose and dreams, you can make them become a reality using the correct training within the direct marketing industry. This company offers training, but i was unable to detect what type of training is available. You'll certainly be instructed in product knowledge, where to find hostesses and the way to recruit others to the business.

All training you get from your business is beneficial; however, you can increase your business which can be efficient as well as effective using website marketing techniques. Lead generation completed by the internet can discover your prospects, present your offer and train your brand-new recruits to duplicate your time and efforts. Your business can explode using viral marketing techniques.

Like a leader in your new enterprise, you'll give you the emotional support your brand-new recruits will require. They'll want the peace of mind and confidence solve these questions . bring like a leader. You will be there to resolve their questions and assure them that they'll do this business and be successful.

You may also point your recruits to the training you obtain with an internet company that will educate you on online marketing to cultivate your small business. Your recruits will have without doubt that this training works because they joined you this system. Lead generation is an essential skill to need to keep your business growing steadily toward your primary goal.

Imagine if Pink Zebra doesn't offer leader generation training? Come browse the 7DigitBluePrint, a dog training program that includes every tool you will need to bring qualified leads to yourself on a consistent basis at a very reasonable price using online marketing.

Alternatively, you can go to Michaelangelo Flores' Official Blog to learn more tips and reviews on more upcoming opportunities and strategies regarding multilevel marketing and other home-based businesses.


We started with just two employees, working out of a small room. All these years later, we have over 40 employees, but our passion and dedication remain strong. Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots.


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